Image by Fernando Villela Black and white image from the Launch of WITH. Liz Jackson (founder of The Disabled List) and Rie Norregaard (Designer) speak with a crowd about designing WITH disabled people. Behind Liz and Rie is a screen that says WITH Thanks AARP & SYPartners.

The Disabled List is a disability-led, self advocacy organization that is creating the opportunities in design that we always wanted. The Disabled List is a curated list of creative disabled people who are available to consult. WITH, the first program of The Disabled List, is a fellowship that partners disabled creatives with design studios and branding agencies.

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Our Goals

AMPLIFY! Justice Collaboration This illustration is a collaboration between Jerron Herman, dancer and Ryan Hartley Smith, graphic designer for AMPLIFY! Justice. In Ryan's words, "there are dots and cosmic-like splotches in the upper right hand corner that are connected by diagrammatic lines which loosely wrap around the arm of the dancer, and perhaps are in his gaze. Are these points on a map, the constellations, a dance diagram, organic improvisation or something else?"


We work together to shift the disability narrative. Disabled people are rarely seen as experts in disability. We’re here to change that.


The Disabled List supports brands who are interested in targeting consumers who identify as disabled. We are available to collaborate, consult and help you understand who we are and what we want.


Disabled people are the original lifehackers. Our lives are spent cultivating an intuitive creativity, because we navigate a world that isn’t built for our bodies. We believe in the innovative value of this skillset, which is why we are building pathways into design for disabled people.