With Application Web The word WITH is written boldly in a black, all caps, serif font. The letter W in WITH has been distorted by Shannon Finnegan and Gabe Loeb. The background is a crisp shade of mint green with a strand of white squiggling throughout. The bottom reiterates that we are accepting applications until December 17, 2018.

Applications are now open for the Winter/Spring 2019 WITH Fellowship. This will be the second cohort in NYC and the inaugural cohort for San Francisco.

The WITH Fellowship facilitates designing with, rather than for, disability by partnering disabled creatives with top design studios and creative spaces for three-month fellowships.

If you’re a creator who identifies as disabled, fill out our brief questionnaire.

Organizations: If you would like to learn more or host a fellow, let’s get to know each other.

Applications are due no later than December 17, 2018. Selections will be announced on January 7, 2019. The paid three-day-a-week fellowship begins on February 4 and runs through April 29, 2019.

Get to know the first WITH Fellowship cohort:

Sugandha Gupta WITH Pollack Textiles

Shannon Finnegan WITH SYPartners

Shaina Garfield WITH Frog Design

Tiffany Geigel WITH Gibney Dance

WITH is the first program of The Disabled List, which is creating the opportunities in design that we always wanted through integrating specific, disability-led ways of knowing into design pedagogy and practice. The Disabled List advocates for a future yet unimagined.

We can be reached at with@disabledlist.org.

We would like to thank AIGA NY, SYPartners and AARP for making The WITH Fellowship possible.